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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Fagor's New Built-In Range

Fagor has come up with a brand new range of built in appliances, including a new batch of built- in dishwashers and ovens.

Fagor has always had a large range of built- in appliances- in fact the number of products available as built- in appliances far outweigh the number of types of freestanding appliances available and this much is evident just by glancing at their products page on their website.

From looking at the new appliances' specs, I can see that most of them are rated A or A+ for energy efficiency and to be homest, you should expect nothing less these days from a high quality manufacturer.

But they look good as well and that's the main thing for most people!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cool to the Touch

Fagor have come up with quite a good feature for their new range of ovens. This is the cold touch door. This feature means that even when you have got the oven on high, the oven door stays cold. When I mentioned this to a customer, she joked that not only was it good for children's curious hands, but also because her dog sometimes pushed his nose up to the door because of the delicious smells coming from the oven. At least this way he won't get his nose burnt off! 

Monday, 14 July 2008

Fagor Appliances Review

Fagor is part of the Mondragon Co-operative Coorperation, which itself is one of the leading corporations in Spain and one of the largest co-ops in the world. The company owns other manufacturers of appliances such as De-Dietrich. 20 million homes across Europe have an appliance produced by this group of companies. In terms of workforce, Fagor is part of a setup that employs over 6000 people in total. These sort of figures show that although the brand is little known in the UK, the back up and resources are certainly in place to give the product every chance in this market. We are all sceptical when it comes to new makes and models, but especially when we are faced with a new brand that we have never heard of before. What will the neighbours think!? Here we see the basics and background of Fagor appliances.
The product line up that was introduced to the GB market five years ago, features every modern category of integrated and built in appliance.
The areas of strength which really stand are the laundry models, which Fagor manufacture themselves. The integrated washing machine and washer dryer offer 6kg loads, and 1100 or 1400 spin options. The entry level integrated washer has been retailing for under £350, which is a real price point, and it comes with the previously rare 5 year guarantee.
There are a selection of other models from Fagor which offer the 5 years warranty for parts and labour. There are ovens, coffee machines, hobs, cooker hoods and fridge freezers all offering this length of security from breakdown, available via redemption.
The pyrolytic ovens, which share the same under pinnings as the sister models by De-Dietrich, have started selling well, again because of the relative good value next to the options from Bosch and AEG. This manufacturer pioneered the technology in France, and has introduced the technology know-how to Fagor after the success with De-Dietrich. The system that ensures cleaner, safer and more economical cooking, allowing the oven to be left to clean itself completely automatically after use. All the dirt is burnt away which can easily be removed with a damp cloth after the cycle has finished.
One of the latest in a long line of innovative products by Fagor is the Automatic Cooking system. This consists of the Vitroceramic Hob plus the Elegance Rapid Pressure Cooker, which can be connected via a radio signal. The cooking settings selected by the user are transmitted between the hob and the cooker. When this process has finished, the appliance switches off by itself. This cooking option is also available using the Fagor silver saucepan, eliminating the need for the pressure cooker.
Away from the appliances, Fagor offer a unique accessory for this market, storage columns. These cooking stands are designed for integrating Fagor appliances. They remain un-fixed to any wall or other surface and can be moved around the room as and when the cook fancies a change of environment.
The designs of all the Fagor range is pleasing to the eye, the experience in other countries has helped them hit the ground running with the product line up. Overall it looks like they are going to grow over the coming years into a major player, competing on the level of Zanussi, Hotpoint, CDA, Baumatic and Tecnik kitchen appliances.